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Wanna Be With You

  • Wanna Be With You Single was released February 14, 2019
  • Song written by OUTDrejas
  • Lyrics written by David OUTDrejas
  • Produced by David OUTDrejas

Studio Musician Credits

  • Lead Vocals – David OUTDrejas
  • Backup Vocals – Stuart Graham
  • Guitars – David OUTDrejas
  • Bass – David OUTDrejas
  • Piano – Stuart Graham
  • Drums – Stuart Graham

Production Credits

  • Recording Engineer – Matt Dougherty
  • Mixing Engineer – Matt Dougherty
  • Mastering Engineer – Ryan Smith
  • Recording Studio – Groovemaster Recording, Chicago, IL
  • Mastering Studio – Sterling Sound, New York City, NY

Artwork Credits

  • Album Artwork – Lee Cheney


You’re smart and you’re funny
You’re sexy and so lovely
You seem to enjoy life all the time
I love being around you
And I want to be with you
To see your beautiful smile

You seem to have put a spell on me
Because other girls don’t seem so pretty
I always enjoy talking to you
Through the good times and the bad
I can’t get you outta my head
I only want to be with you

Because I don’t know how to dance
But hopefully I can sing
Sing my way into your heart
Because I know I can offer something
I’ll offer all my loving
And give you some time to think it through

Now you’ve heard me pour
My heart out to you
And I cannot predict what you will do
Hopefully you will see
That you belong with me
I’ve never seen anyone else
So pretty

I know you’ll go out with me
Cuz baby I can see
Inside you’re soul
And it’s pure
I know I gotta make it count
Cuz one more strike and I’m out
But hey, that’s what it’s all about