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OUTDrejas Full Band

Once upon a time, there was a dude named Dave.  Dave played guitar, but didn’t have any friends to form a band with.  Dave decided to look on Craigslist and found a metal group that needed a bassist.  He didn’t know how to play bass, so he went to Guitar Center, bought a bass, and became their newest member.  He soon found himself playing venues and getting to know the folks that booked the shows.

One day, Dave asked one of these folks if they would book his “other” band that played rock n’ roll instead of metal.  The big secret here though is that Dave didn’t have another band.  This is a fancy way of saying that Dave was lying.  This particular booking agent booked Dave’s fake “band” (not knowing that it didn’t actually exist).  As crazy as it may sound, Dave had a month to form a real band.  This new band was called OUTDrejas because Dave’s last name is Drejas and he wanted his band to be outrageous.  They took that month, wrote some songs, and played that show.  And guess what?  They rocked!  They rocked so hard in fact that they soon found themselves opening for Puddle of Mudd and later playing at the House of Blues in Chicago!

Fast forward to present day and OUTDrejas is now eight years into its rock n’ roll journey.  They now have six wonderful members (and now Dave has lots of friends!).  They officially have over 1 million YouTube streams and recently opened for the Counting Crows in front of 12,000 people!

YOU can be a part of this epic story and book OUTDrejas to your venue so that their rock n’ roll adventures continue!  Here is the OUTDrejas promise.

  1. Always leave everything you got on the stage every night.  Play your heart OUT!
  2. Be a rockstar on stage and be a professional and humble musician off of it
  3. Always have a BLAST!  Folks enjoy watching performers that are having the time of their lives.

Thank you for reading and please consider booking us!  Cheers!!!

OUTDrejas is…

David OUTDrejas
Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist
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Jeremy Horvath
Full Bio
Onnie Smith
Keyboard Player
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Tyler Smith
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Cody LoMonaco
Acoustic Guitar
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Will Richter
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Lee Cheney
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